Seven Star Luxury


“Do you have a reservation?” That was the first words I heard when I pulled up the gates of the infamous Burj Al Arab, the “Most Luxurious Hotel in The World”, as they don’t just let anyone in. After giving my name, the security guard checked that we had a night booked, and promptly let us through. Upon pulling up to the front of the hotel, our doors were opened by the valet, and we were greeted with chilled towels, and dates. We didn’t have to lift a finger, as they took our car to park, and assured us that our bags will be taken up to our room. As we walked into the lobby, we were being attended to by Heidi. She was asking us how we were enjoying our time in Dubai, and if we were there for any particular reason. I was amazed, just looking around the lobby. As a fan of architecture, I found the design of the floors, looking up, mesmerizing. Also, one thing I should mention is that there is gold… everywhere! We made our way to the elevators and up to the 10th floor, where we were greeted by two people, who said they would be our personal butlers for the duration of our stay. Side note, I was unable to remember the butler’s names as every time we either left the room, or returned, it was someone different. However, this did not change their commitment to us, as every single time we needed help or assistance, they give exceptional service.


As we got to our room door, it was lavish! There was a security camera out front so that we could see from inside, who was there. With gold trim everywhere, it was quite posh. Heidi then opened our door, and in we entered. I was amazed! Granted, I had watched videos, and seen pictures of other people’s experience, but it’s like the quote:

“Some experiences simply do not translate; you have to go to know.”Kobi Yamada

And this was definitely that. Sure we knew it was two floors and we would be getting a ton of free amenities, but just being in the room itself, looking around; it was astonishing. I am not even going to go in depth into the room’s elegance, but I shall let pictures do the talking:

The whole room was phenomenal, and the view was breathtaking. We had requested a higher floor and thankfully got floor 10 with a view of the Persian Gulf, instead of the city (which we preferred). We took some time to get relaxed in the room before another butler came to give us a room tour and advise us on everything that was complimentary for our stay. Afterwards, we headed to the 18th floor, as we had booked massages at the Talise Spa. From the moment you enter the reception, you are greeted with a friendly smile and courteous service. They immediately pulled up our reservation and asked us to wait while they gave us chilled towels. Not even a minute had passed, and two assistants came to show us to the change room, and give a brief tour of the facilities. After getting changed, we went into the waiting room, and shortly after we sat down, out masseuses came in and escorted us to the massage room. One thing that made the experience even better was that there was never any waiting, and wondering when you will be attended to.  Everyone was prompt and on time. During, and finishing the massage I felt incredible. My body was so relaxed and at ease, I did not want to do anything but go in a warm pool, and relax. However, that would be wasting time, so I quickly got showered and dressed, then headed back to the room and grabbed my stuff.


As time was not on our side, we had to hurry, so we decided to get a taxi to take us to the Mall of Emirates for dinner. Upon return to the hotel gate, we asked to be dropped off there as we wanted to walk along the street, back to the hotel entrance. It was quite amazing to get a full, up-close view of the hotel in all its glory. That night they had the purple lights shining on it, and it was still a little cloudy, so the view wasn’t the greatest. Even with the factors, you could still marvel in the achievement that Dubai has created with this hotel.


When we got back to the room, we quickly got changed into fancy clothes as we were heading up to the 27th floor for drinks at Gold on 27. When we got there, we were just in time for our reservation, and were quickly seated. We were admiring the beauty of the bar itself, as everything, everywhere was coated in gold. When it was time to order, we tried a couple of different drinks, which were all phenomenal, but the one that brought us up there was definitely Element 79.  This was their specialty drink, which contains actual gold in it. The drink itself was average, as we preferred the other ones bought, but it was still cool to have tried drinking gold. We stayed at the bar for just over an hour, before returning to our room. Upon return to the room, we noticed that the butlers had left a complimentary chocolate cake for us. The generosity of this hotel never stops! I guess it is what to be expected at the price you pay. While enjoying the cake, we were watching some of the NBA All-Star activities from the weekend. Thankfully, the hotel had NBA TV! It seems as if every hotel we went to had no channels of interest. Something I always do before going to sleep is watching some kind of sitcom, but every night here, that was not doable as I could not find a single channel. We relied on CNN and NBA TV. Shortly after I started to feel tired, and crashed for the evening.


I woke up the next morning after an AMAZING sleep! Now this was a big deal for me because I don’t sleep easy. EVERY SINGLE time I go somewhere on vacation or just a one night, I have problems sleeping. I can never have a good, comfortable sleep unless I sleep in my own bed at home. If I sleep anywhere else, it always leads to me waking up early and tired. I did however set my alarm to wake up early, just because we wanted to get an early day start, and maximize our time at the hotel. However, weather was NOT on our side! I looked out our amazing view to the gulf, and what did I see… clouds! It was once again a cloudy day. What a buzzkill! We wanted to spend a lot of time at the infinity pool, and it just did not look like it was going to happen. However, we thought we’d make the best of what we had, so we quickly got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Another perk of staying at the hotel was having breakfast included. I am quite glad it was included because the price point was quite high, and although it was great, I could not justify spending that much on breakfast. We took our time enjoying breakfast as we were in no rush for the pools, due to the weather. Again, I must point out, that the service was exceptional. Waiters and staff are always fast, and present to assist in any way possible. Finishing breakfast, we decided to just roam the hotel for a bit, and visit some of the gift shops. I ended up buying one of the very few things I wanted to get on this trip – A deck of gold plated cards. The reason I was so adamant on finding these cards is because they are a big thing in Dubai, and as well, I enjoy collecting unique types of playing cards.


We didn’t send much time in the gift shops, and when we were done, we realized that there was still quite a couple hours left, until check-out. I decided to go outside to get some pictures of the hotel while it was bright, and when I got out, I realized that it had started to warm up. Because of this, I suggested we attempt to enter the infinity pool, as that was a big thing we wanted to enjoy during our stay. We quickly went up to our rooms, got our clothes and headed out. Thankfully there was no one in the pool and we got to enjoy it all to ourselves. The infinity pool was not too cold and within seconds, it felt perfectly normal. We stayed in it and relaxed for a little, until I realized there were hot tubs on both ends of the pool. Immediately we switched over, and it was amazing! The temperature was perfect, and the jets were on, so it felt great. We actually spent quite a bit of time relaxing in it. After, I said that since we had already gotten in the pools and enjoyed, we might as well go up and try the indoor pool at the Talise Spa. We quickly hit the change rooms, showered off the sand (from the artificial beach) and dried off, before heading up. As soon as we got there, there was a couple that either did not want to be there with other people, or just finishing up, but they left right away. So once again, we got the entire pool to ourselves. The pool at Talise Spa was just incredible! The regular pool was heated, and felt so amazing. Had we booked another night at the hotel, we would have probably spent a couple hours just chilling out and relaxing in it. After a while in the regular pool, we went into the heated one, and that, by far, was my favourite. I did not want to leave at all. It definitely reminded me of the massage from the night before. I had to keep watching the clock, to make sure we gave ourselves enough time to shower, return, and pack our things before checking out. Let me say, that anyone who stays at the Burj Al Arab MUST take full advantage of their facilities, as the pools and spa are amazing. Before I knew it, we had to get out, and our stay was coming to an end. I made sure to take an extra-long shower, and enjoy the facilities thoroughly before getting dressed.


We returned to our room for the final time, and finished packing up everything. After spending so much, I had to make sure I did another walk around the place to grab all the free stuff as possible. From the Hermes cologne to the Jumeirah slippers… they all got packed into my suitcase. Sadly, it was time to go. Everything was so easy and convenient, that as soon as we exited the room, our butler was at the desk, ready to check us out, and have our luggage sent downstairs. He also assisted in setting up a Jumeirah Sirius account, where I can earn points, and free stays at all Jumeirah locations. Definitely something I will be taking advantage of in the future. Afterwards, it was time to head down and out. We got the front, and just had to wait a couple minutes before our luggage arrived, and shortly after, our car. As we drove off, you couldn’t help but feel down. The vacation wasn’t over yet, but it definitely felt like that having known that we needed to return to our regular hotel. I can safely say that it was truly an experience staying at the Burj Al Arab and an unforgettable one at that. I will definitely be back in the future, and hold Jumeirah and their hotels at high regards after the experience at Etihad Towers and now Burj Al Arab. Exceptional service from check-in to check-out, and high quality standards in every room. It’s no hidden fact why they are regarded as one of the leading hotel luxury hotel chain’s in the world.

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