Any Complimentary Upgrades?

Weekend trip to Las Vegas with the boys, so we had to do it up! Staying at Caesar’s Palace, we already knew we had a great hotel, but one thing that would make it better… room upgrade! Leading up to our trip I was looking into the best hotels on the strip to stay in, as I had previously stayed at Caesar’s during my first trip to Vegas and wanted to try something new. Upon research I stumbled upon something called the “The 20 Dollar Trick.” Now this is an actual thing, with a website dedicated to informing people about it, as well as guests experience from attempting. Reading up and gathering information, it seemed that we could get some amazing rooms, with just booking the standard. Since we realized this, and I knew that Caesar’s was already a great hotel, plus they had deals, I decided why not; and told the guys let’s book there again!

So let me break down what this “trick” is. Basically, all you need is a room booked at any Las Vegas hotel, and a $20 bill. Before you head to the check-in counter, have your ID and credit card ready (the one’s used to book the room), and secured between it, have a $20 bill folded up. Try to look for the clerk who looks the most nicest, granted when we tried this we ended up with someone that looked like she wouldn’t do anything, but we got lucky. After approaching and asking to check-in, they will ask for your credit card and ID. While you are handing over the cards, and money, ask: “Do you have any complimentary upgrades available?”  They will take the cards, separate them and put them on the counter, with the money right next to it; in plain sight of their cameras. From then on, they will go to work. It can take anywhere between 5 – 10 minutes, of them speaking to managers, making calls, and just furiously typing away.

When we did it, we decided to give a $50 bill considering it was 4 of us, assuming our chances would be better. Occasionally this trick does not work as they may be completely booked (busy weekend), your stay is too long, or they are just unwilling to help. But, if they don’t end up getting you an upgraded room, they will hand back your money, and apologize. So after about 10 minutes of waiting, our clerk offered the King Suite which was just one upgrade up, but had two king sized beds, or the Classic Royal Suite with a strip view. The only downside to the Classic Royal Suite was that they was only 1 king sized bed, but we were told we could get roll-away beds, so we jumped on that offer. None of us really cared where we had to sleep. After that, she did a little more work and voila; handed us the room keys for the Forum Tower, 64th floor. As soon as we got in, we were quite impressed by the size, and the washroom! We definitely made great use of the entire room for the whole weekend, and will be using this trick again – maybe $100 next time – in the future!

Have you ever tried this trick? How was your experience? Let me know below!

4 thoughts on “Any Complimentary Upgrades?

  1. Quite interesting, I never knew about this. Does it work only in Vegas? Personally, my hotel experiences have never been something to write about (with every hotel consistently following the same design) in America, so I never bothered. But, the hotels in Vegas were amazing, so I could have tried that.

    I am still curious, is it part of their job duty since you mentioned they keep it in front of you?

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    1. I agree, hotel in America are really very similar. But as far as I know, yes, it seems to only be a thing in Vegas. The reason that they keep it in front of you is so that it looks like a “tip” after they have been able to upgrade your room on their “own behalf” instead of getting paid.

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