Should Have Known

Since I was supposed to be in Las Vegas this weekend, I decided to write this throwback story of the time we got robbed during our last night in Vegas. Now this wasn’t a “Give me all your stuff or I’ll shoot” kind of deal. It was more us being intoxicated and dumb. During our weekend in Vegas I was able to get a connection, which provided us free access to a certain number of clubs, each night. We basically got in for free, anywhere we chose, as the options for any given night were high. This however changed on our final night, as we found out that A-Trak was headlining at XS nightclub, at the Encore hotel. Due to this, we had to pay, and as such we decided to pay at the door – first mistake. We found out that if we had purchased the tickets online, hours before, it was almost half the price.

As it was nearing time to head out to the club, we got ready, and as we had been doing the previous nights, we pre-drank at our hotel, before walking to the club. Obviously from the pre-drinking we had become tipsy, nearing pretty drunk. So as we were walking up the strip, out near the entrance to the Venetian hotel, there was a woman on the side of the street named Rosalyn. She started asking us if we were heading to XS and if we had tickets already. We told her no, and she told us that she had front of the line passes for $50. Now this should have been the first indicator that something wasn’t right as we knew we would have to pay $60 at the door. Why would this random lady on the street have front of the line access for $10 less? However, due to the fact that we were intoxicated we were not thinking clearly, and just wanted to know more. This is when she threw in the part about there being open bar for everyone wearing the band. THIS! THIS should have been the red flag. Why on earth would ANY Vegas club have an open bar… on a Saturday… with a headlining DJ? Of course, we were idiots and jumped at this “amazing” opportunity. We quickly gathered up $200, gave it to her and received our bands. Feeling pretty hyped and excited to by-pass the line, and start jamming with A-Trak we headed on. As we were approaching the entrance, we had our bands in the hand; a security guard saw it and told us right away that they were fake. What the hell?! Are you serious?! I asked him what’s fake about it, they look pretty legit. He told me that the scammers were out tonight selling a ton of these, and we weren’t the first. WHAT. A. BUZZKILL! We were so pissed off, and felt that the whole night got ruined, as we had just spent $200 and didn’t have enough cash for the $60 door fee, and for drinks inside.


Next thing I knew, one of my boy’s went missing. Oh man, now what? First we just got robbed, and then this guy goes missing? For about 10 minutes we walked around trying to find him, and called multiple times. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes later he picked up and said he is coming back. As soon as he got back, we asked him what the hell happened. Apparently, he was so mad for what happened, and needed to get some money somehow, so when in Vegas and you need money, what do you do? He hit the tables, and won back the money we lost! Thank god! There was a silver lining to the night. However, all that time wasted between getting scammed, looking for my friend, and talking to the security, we ended up having to wait in line (silly that we thought there would be line by-pass). It took approximately two and half hours before we got in. Obviously by then, we were quite sober, so had to spend much more money than expected on drinks. However, the rest of the night was amazing, as A-Trak threw an amazing performance, and got the crowd going the entire time. There was never a dull moment. And surprisingly, even though we arrived late, we were still able to make it to the front, and had a great night. Even with the buzz killed moments, the night turned out to be an incredible time. Overall, I can definitely say I learned a lot from this experience, and nothing like this will ever happen to me again.

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