Land of Soca

Touchdown in sweet sweet T&T! After 22 years, I have finally returned to Trinidad. Yes, it is known as Trinidad and Tobago, but that is with the inclusion of the smaller island of Tobago. From what I have heard, Tobago is where most tourists go, as it is where all the resorts are located. However, on this trip on mine, we spent the entire time on Trinidad, and went around like locals.


A year earlier, one of my mom’s best friends from high school called to tell her that her daughter was engaged and would be marrying the following year. As soon as my mom told me and said that it was going to be in Trinidad, I jumped at the opportunity to go. In Trinidad, there is only one 5-star hotel, and that is the Hyatt. Other than that, all the other hotels are 4-star or less. The first night that we arrived we had to stay at the Marriott, which was not bad at all, but it was our only option as the Hyatt was booked for a large concert taking place, nearby. After checking out the next day, we were able to head straight to the Hyatt which was only 10 minutes away, and check in for the next few nights.


During our free time, between all the wedding festivities we went around the city and explored. Of course being in Trinidad we had to go to Maracas Beach. To get to the beach we had to take about an hour ride up and down the mountain, via the North Coast Road. The drive up was quite interesting as you went through different neighborhoods, from the rich to the poor. You got to see different lifestyles all in such a small island. When we got to the beach it was great weather, and everyone was relaxing and just enjoying the light breeze. After hanging out by the beach for a bit, we started to get hungry, and when at Maracas Beach, it’s only natural to eat Shark & Bake, so I finally had a chance to try it, and I must say… it was amazing! I would definitely have it again! After the beach we went cruising around the city and my mom’s cousin was showing us around the local spots, and things that were famous on the island.


Finally it was the wedding day, and with all Indian weddings, they pretty much take up the entire day. You have the ceremony, then eating, and then people just hanging out and socializing. It also helped that it was at the parent’s house, so there was no time restraint. This house, I must say was one of the most lavish houses I have ever been to. It was a huge mansion, situated right near a cliff, and they extended the backyard to build up and out over the cliff, so basically you are above the ocean. Think Iron Man’s house from the movies. And looking out from the view is the whole Caribbean Sea. Definitely the best view to wake up to in the morning.


The whole wedding weekend was amazing. For it being an island, I was surprised at how classy people dressed up. Even having to walk down dirt roads, women were wearing high heels and everything. You would think that this wedding was taking place in Canada the way people were dressed. One thing I must note, Trinis know how to party! From the moment the reception started, until early in the morning, it was non-stop drinking and music blasting. Also noted is that they drink a TON! Basically if you order a drink at the bar, you are getting about ¾ of a cup alcohol and only ¼ of the mix; complete opposite of Canada. I can hands down say that going to a wedding in Trinidad was definitely an experience and one of the best wedding’s I have been to overall.

The whole Trinidad trip, while short, was amazing! I loved the vibe, and the fact that the weather was great throughout. I did not find it extremely hot, and when it rained, it was light, and for like half an hour. Hearing Soca music all over was a plus because it also helped to set the mood. You always just see people happy and cheerful. There was never any negativity. No matter how well off or not someone was, it was all about treating other with respect.  Overall an amazing trip and I would highly consider going back. Maybe next time, make a stop in Tobago for a night or two.

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