Seeing Familiar Faces

Let’s go Raptors, let’s go!… Wait… wrong team! That’s right; it’s my first basketball game outside of Toronto. For a big basketball fan like me, I’m surprised I have never been to […]

Paper or Plastic?

Broke or rich, you can survive in Dubai. Sure, when you think about Dubai, you immediately think of a high end, expensive and luxurious lifestyle. This is not always the case, as […]

Awaken The Senses

We saw a building and ate at a restaurant, so what? What senses were awakened? Practically everything! From Sight to smell, to taste, to sound; we experienced it all at The Burj […]

Seven Star Luxury

“Do you have a reservation?” That was the first words I heard when I pulled up the gates of the infamous Burj Al Arab, the “Most Luxurious Hotel in The World”, as they […]