Land of Soca

Touchdown in sweet sweet T&T! After 22 years, I have finally returned to Trinidad. Yes, it is known as Trinidad and Tobago, but that is with the inclusion of the smaller island of Tobago. From what I have heard, Tobago is where most tourists go, as it is where all the resorts are located. However, on this trip on mine, we spent the entire time … Continue reading Land of Soca

Do Not Enter

About an hour drive northeast from Toronto, in the small community of Bowmanville, lies an abandoned Canadian-run POW camp. A POW camp, for those that don’t know is a prisoner-of-war camp. This one in particular was used for German soldiers during World War II. In September of 2013, the camp was designated a “Natural Historic Site of Canada.” When the buildings were first built, they … Continue reading Do Not Enter